Why use customised envelopes for your business?

Envelope printing is an important branding exercise for your business. Since envelopes are used for all official communication, it’s a piece of collateral that you must pay special attention to. They form part of letters you send to clients and suppliers, as well as any documentation you may send across to other partners in a business. One of the most common envelopes types used by businesses is the DL envelopes, that are typically used for official communication. While printing envelopes is a standard requirement for any business in the market, we list reasons why you must consider using customised DL envelopes for your business.


A sign of credibility and good reputation: Like with other marketing collateral, customised envelopes tell the receiver that yours is a big that’s in the market for the long haul and one that can be relied on. Customised envelopes are considered to be an investment, hence they aren’t undertaken by people who aren’t convinced of their business idea, to begin with. Customised DL envelopes helps a receiver identify your business before they tear it open, and it is also considered a sign of good reputation.


A valuable branding opportunity: Since you will be using these envelopes whilst communicating with your clients, suppliers, customers and other business contacts, make the most of the opportunity by customising the envelopes to include your business logo, branding and contact information. Customised envelopes form a favourable impression of your business, while also creating top of the mind recall in the eyes of your business contacts. While this may not directly lead to a drastic hike in sales, it definitely increases the rate of business enquiries, since potential clients can easily access your contact information.


A form of creative expression: While customised envelopes are meant to represent your business, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have a dash of creativity in their overall design. You can use your brand colours to create vivid abstract art on the envelope, or use prints that are quirky and unmissable. A well designed customised envelope will always be received nicely by customers, making a good first impression on them.


Economical and easy to produce: Once you finalise the design of the envelope, printing it is simple and has a quick turnaround time. Since these are easier to produce, you don’t need to worry when you run out of them, since they can be replaced fairly quickly. And the costs for producing customised envelopes are astronomical either, making it a more reasonably priced marketing collateral with multiple benefits.

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