Choosing the right envelope type for your business

Envelopes are an essential item that is required to carry out most forms of communication, even though we tend to not give them much thought. It’s when the office runs out of envelopes that people realise their importance, since most forms of documentation such as letters, contracts and more cannot be sent without them. They are used on a daily basis in most offices, making them an essential form of collateral every business must have.

While it goes without saying that as a business you will need to maintain a stock of envelopes to carry out your communication, there are different envelope types available in the market. Each of them have a specific use, hence you usually need to keep a few types handy, which are used for specific types of communication. Most of these envelopes can be produced in different sizes, hence you can also commission DL envelopes if needed.


Banker envelopes come with a flap on the longer edge that’s triangular in shape. Contrary to what the name suggests, banker envelopes are typically used with greeting cards. They usually come in a variety of colours too, in order to complement the colours that appear in the greeting card that they will accompany. These envelopes can also be produced with a window, although this isn’t the norm when they are being produced to be used with greeting cards.


Pocket envelopes come with a flap that opens on the shorter edge, which explains its name. They are regular sized and can be used for any application. These are one of the more versatile envelopes in the market, and can be used for a range of purposes. They can also be customised and produced in different shapes, sizes and colours, depending what’s most suitable to your requirements.


Wallet envelope typically are of a higher quality card paper. They are thicker and form a strong impression on the recipient. Wallet envelopes have different uses, from sending greeting cards to vouchers and more. Wallet envelopes can be produced in a range of sizes and colours too, allowing for more customisation than other envelope types.


Padded envelopes are commonly used when delivering more than just paper and documents. Since they are padded, they are used to transport more fragile items. These items can then be delivered with adequate protection, so they don’t get damaged when in transit. As with other envelopes, padded envelopes can also be produced in different sizes, from postcard to larger envelopes.


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