Set your mail apart from its competition with branded envelopes

When you hand someone a brochure or flyer, it’s likely that the person who receives it will briefly look down at the piece of paper in their hands. Even if the flyer is immediately placed into a bag or pocket, you know that it has been seen and that your business has received some exposure. On the other hand, when you post marketing material, you might be able to say that it made it into your client’s letterbox. But can you say, with confidence, that your client saw/read what you sent them?


Which brings us to the humble envelope: an item of stationary that carries a huge responsibility on its paper-thin shoulders. Perhaps you stuff your vouchers, flyers, and company letters into plain, unmarked envelopes and send them off without a second thought. But ask yourself: would your clients be inspired to open the mail they receive from you?


Your envelope needs to look appealing enough to make people want to tear it open to get to what’s inside. Unfortunately, most envelopes achieve the exact opposite of this – they look so plain and unimportant that they are often thrown away without being opened.


One of the best ways to entice your clients (and prospective clients) to open your mail, is to use branded envelopes. The moment customers see your logo, name, iconic font, or familiar colour scheme, they’ll know who is reaching out to them. Not only does this make it more likely that your mail will be opened, it also adds a personal touch to the experience.


Here are four tips for creating custom envelopes.


Experiment with size and shape: DL is a common size. It fits an A4 sheet in it that has been folded into three equal sections. Most letters and bills arrive in DL envelopes. So if you want to set your mail apart from the rest, give our C4 envelopes a try. At the very least, people will know they haven’t received just another bill!


Use premium paper. Good quality paper doesn’t just look good – it feels great. But it also gives your mail a sense of importance and a quality finish.


Don’t be afraid to use colour. If you’re mailing out vouchers for a special occasion, why not use a complementary colour? For example, Mother’s Day vouchers can be sent in pink envelopes, Christmas vouchers in red envelopes, and so on. Using colour in this way can define the theme of your mail – and of course, colours are eye-catching. Nothing says ‘open me’ more than a vibrant C4 envelope!


Keep it cohesive. No matter what size, colour, or paper stock you decide on, you should ensure your logo is present. A custom printed envelope is another marketing tool – an extension of your business. So it should display all your standard branding and look the part.


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