Using coloured envelopes for your business

The festive season is well and truly here, and with it comes the task of ensuring people you know and care about are sent your best wishes. Sending text messages and emails may be the norm now, but nothing beats the charm of receiving mail in the post, with coloured envelopes carrying Christmas cards from people you know. The joy of receiving personalised cards for Christmas remains strong, with its appeal having seen a resurgence in recent times.


Coloured envelopes may be most visible during the festive season, but they can be used on a range of other occasions too. The allure of coloured envelopes lies in the use of eye catching colours that breaks the monotony when you’re bombarded with a sea of white envelopes. Most businesses opt for white envelopes since they look serious and official, which is ideal for a business, but less formal communication can be distributed with coloured envelopes, that look more cheerful. It comes as little surprise then that businesses too will send their professional network Christmas wishes with customised cards, accompanied by coloured envelopes, for an added touch of personalisation.


Coloured envelopes also make for a good accompaniment for other greeting cards, such as those that wish people for their wedding or birthday. A wedding card may have an envelope with subtle colours, but birthday cards are usually paired with brighter coloured envelopes. In some cases, you can even opt for envelopes with funky prints and designs, which could serve as an extension of the cards you include in them. With multi-coloured envelopes, all you need to consider is finalising a print that would be most relevant to your business, in addition to the people who you intend to send your cards to.


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