Make a strong first impression with custom envelopes

Looking to boost sales in the new year? It’s time to revisit your marketing tactics and upgrade them to meet customer expectations. Using a custom printed envelope for sending marketing content to your customers is one such approach. A custom envelope may seem like an unnecessary cost, but they are in fact ideal if you’re looking to stand out in a sea of identical-looking envelopes. They reinforce your brand image among potential new customers too.

A starting point would be to consider the dimensions of your custom envelope. Instead of using envelope dimensions that are the norm in the industry, minor variations ensure that your envelopes will stand out the in mail. Your customers will be more likely to open your mail, giving you the chance to communicate with them.

If you have no option but to use the standard size, then you can experiment with the envelope design as well, using graphics and artwork to make it look more attractive. Using your business logo, or artwork that is inspired from it is also a smart tactic to make the most of the envelope design. The design can also extend to the back of the envelope.

If you’re in the process of producing a range of collateral types, ensure you stick to a similar design across all of them, since standardized collateral helps reinforce branding. Seeing the same logo, fonts and artwork helps customers easily make the connection between the collateral and your business. As a result, regular customers would be able to spot communication from you easily, making them more likely to open your mail outs.

Using good quality paper is another aspect of printing custom envelopes that is easy to miss, but is an essential step. Using good-quality paper is what separates your mail outs from other junk mail. Top quality paper make come at a higher price, but it’s ideal to discuss your printing needs with your supplier first, to find the right balance with between cost and quality.

When designing your custom envelopes, take into account postal regulations that you may need to adhere to. While most people would like receiving a pretty envelope, the envelope won’t reach them to begin with, if the post office doesn’t mail it. You need to consider limiting the use of return address information, and keeping empty space on the upper left corner to meet postal regulations. You may also need to reserve blank space on the envelope for the post office, who may need it to include delivery related information. It’s always advisable to check what the post regulations are before you commission a custom envelopes order.

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