Use your envelope design to increase the customer response rate

Coloured Envelope

One of the most common issues we see businesses face is their mail being treated as junk and not being opened by customers, to begin with. With customers being inundated with increasing numbers of mail almost on a daily basis, the chances of them opening and reading them all reduces, making it important to stand out from the crowd. Even if you may include exciting promotions and discounts or important information about your company, a dull, generic envelope may prevent your customers from even opening it, putting all your effort to waste.

So, what is it that you can do to ensure your customers promptly open your mail as they receive them? As a first step, when ordering envelopes online, ensure the design ticks all the boxes that will make them interesting and worth opening. A well-designed envelope appeals to the customer’s visual senses, encouraging them to open it to see what’s inside. It’s no wonder then that businesses are taking more care to use envelopes whose design perfectly represents their business, offering a glimpse into their core offerings. At Envelope Printing, this is something we always recommend to our customers.

When designing envelopes for your business, you can start with experiment with different dimensions. While most businesses will use the standard DL envelope to communicate with their audience, you can experiment with the C5, C4 or even the B4 sizes. Before placing your order, ensure your documents or brochures will fit in the envelope sizes that you’re considering, which you could fit in once they are folded. You could also opt for envelopes with a window in the front that would be used to display the recipient’s address, instead of printing it out and sticking it on.

Another way to impress your recipients would be to deviate from the standard white or off-white envelopes and using coloured envelopes instead. Coloured envelopes were typically used when sending greeting cards and more personal messages, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them for your business communication. Using your brand colours on the envelope itself will turn the envelope into yet another form of marketing collateral, as your customers will learn to associate those envelopes directly with your business.

If you have easy access to a design team, you can even create a custom design for your envelopes that would add a unique touch to your communication. Quirky designs that incorporate your brand colours are an exciting way to make a strong first impression on your customers, much before they even open the envelope. It goes without saying that the envelope design must include your business logo too, since this will allow your audience to make the connection with your business as soon as they see they envelope, increasing their chances of opening it

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