5 tips for sending Christmas cards


Sending holiday cards to your business contacts is a great way to thank them for their support and to show your appreciation. When done right, these greeting cards can help you solidify connections, and demonstrate that you take the relationships seriously.

Although most companies pay the most attention to their clients and customers, there are other people that you should be sending cards to as well. They include business partners, investors, colleagues, employees, and industry friends.

As you prepare your festive cards, keep the sentiments merry and most importantly, appropriate. Be personal yet professional, and be careful not to include jokes or greetings that may offend. Not everyone is religious, and not everyone has the same sense of humour. You don’t have to avoid religious references completely, but make sure you know who is on the receiving end.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind as you approach the task of sending cards out:

Choose a better card

When ordering your greeting cards, try not to go for the least expensive option. Remember, your card reflects how much you value your clients. They will also leave an impression that will probably last throughout the new year, so be sure to send a good quality card.


It would be nice to custom-print your name as well as your business name on your card for a professional look. You can also print your logo on the envelope, so that your recipients will recognise and know instantly that the card is from you. Be sure to do it in a tasteful way though, because you do not want your greeting cards to come across as hard-sell.

Write a personal message

Do not send out cards with nothing but the standard printed greeting within. Add a personal touch by writing a few sentences – thank them for a wonderful year of working together, give a sincere wish for the New Year, or refer to a pleasant, shared experience. And don’t forget to sign your name in your own handwriting.

Use a high quality envelope

The postal service is always the busiest during the holidays. With so many cards and packages being handled and delivered, you should opt for a sturdy envelope to ensure your card reaches its destination in a tip top condition. Not only that, but a high quality envelope also shows that you put thought into the smaller details, which, again, leaves a good impression.

Purchase holiday stamps

Christmas often calls for a lighter mood! Forget the boring postage meter. Dress your envelopes up with festive, holiday stamps! It gives your cards a quirky personality, and will put a smile on your recipient’s face even before they open the envelope.


Keep these tips close to you, and your greeting cards should make a good impact this holiday season. If you’re looking for good quality greeting card envelopes, get in touch with Envelope Printing! We specialise in greeting card envelope printing for clients all across Australia, and no job is too big or small for us. Get a quote on our envelope printing service today!