Choosing the right envelope size

Choosing the right envelope size

An envelope plays a couple of very important roles in sending your message across. First of all, it functions to protect the content within. The envelope keeps your document safe from damage, but more than that, it also guards your privacy, ensuring that nobody else sees the document while it is in transit.

Secondly, the envelope is tasked with giving a good first impression. And sometimes it is this first impression that determines whether or not your recipient would open the letter to see what is inside.

Therefore, choosing the right envelope is not a task to be taken lightly.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right envelope, but today we are going to focus on sizes. The general rule is to select an envelope that is slightly bigger than your content.

Envelopes can come in all sizes, but the most common ones are C4, C5, C6 and DL.

C4 Envelopes

A C4 envelope measures 229mm x 324mm, and it fits unfolded A4 sheets. C4 envelopes are ideal for documents that should not be folded, such as certificates, legal paperwork such as contracts and tenders, as well as other official or business correspondence. They can also be used for A4-sized promotional materials, including catalogues and newsletters.

C5 Envelopes

A C5 envelope measures 162mm x 229mm, and it fits unfolded A5 sheets, or an A4 sheet folded in half. C5 envelopes are commonly used for standard greeting cards, mailshots or postcards.

C6 Envelopes

A C6 envelope measures 114mm x 162mm, and it fits unfolded A6 sheets, A5 papers folded in half, or A4 paper folded into quarters. These are often the go-to envelopes for invitations, smaller greeting cards, and handwritten or personal letters.

DL Envelopes

A DL envelope measures 110mm x 220mm, and it fits an A4 sheet folded into thirds. Most people consider this a “letter envelope”, and they are popular for both professional and personal correspondence. ‘With Compliments’ slips are often designed to fit inside a DL envelope, which is also commonly used for promotional materials such as brochures and flyers.

Another variation of the DL envelope is the DLX envelope, which is slightly larger at 120mm x 235mm. As it fits more documents than the DL, the DLX is often used for mail outs.

Custom envelope sizes to suit your needs

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